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A list of the most frequently asked questions we get at ReelAppeal

I am looking for a label to incorporate many different languages, can you help?

Our labels can contain leaflets from 2-16 pages and stitched booklets from 20- 32 pages. To ensure that there is plenty of room to fulfil your requirements.


I am looking for labels to fit my existing packaging, can you help?

No problem we can produce labels to fit almost any shape or size of packaging. Please contact us for your tailor made solution.

Are there any options that can be included?

We can provide different options including random numbering for competitions and promotions using our digital press. For more high end products we have the option of hot foil to give a nice metallic finish.


Is the rewind/unwind direction important, what is it?

Yes and is something you need to know if your labels are machine applied. The rewind/unwind direction is the direction your labels feed off the roll.


Is there a minimum order quantity?

No there isn’t a minimum order quantity we can produce from 50 labels upwards.



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